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Business School Housing? No
Number of Faculty: 2
Contact Name: Claire Bennett
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A university-wide Sustainability Office was created in January of 2010


A group of our MBA students facilitated the drafting of the guiding vision, mission, and objectives of the sustainability office as follows:


Transform Laurier into an institution that integrates sustainability practices into all areas of the university and to inspire, educate, and prepare students, faculty, and staff to engage others in the same practices.


Create and foster a culture of sustainability by engaging, promoting and coordinating sustainability efforts of all stakeholders and develop an environmentally proactive Laurier community.


* To create and advance partnerships in the University and the greater community to share, cultivate and form sustainable programs.

* To support the development of academic programs and research at Laurier related to proactive sustainability.

* To develop and support policies and practices that contribute to sustainable operations and resource utilization at Laurier.

* To organize events and utilize communication channels to increase awareness and convey the mission of the Sustainability Office.

* To consider the pillars of sustainability; economic, social, cultural and environmental in all decision making processes.

Business School Housing? Yes
Number of Faculty: 3
Contact Name: Barry Colbert
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The CMA Centre for Business & Sustainability is funded by the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, with a mission:

To foster sustainable management by developing and mobilizing knowledge on the integration of business and a sustainable global society. The CMA-CBS serves as a catalyst to bring together faculty researchers, students, and leaders in industry, government and civil society, in order to build capacity for progressive, socially and environmentally engaged management practice. The CMA-CBS also supports course curricula and student engagement activities aimed at developing a new generation of leaders committed to sustainable business management.

The CMA-CBS is an applied sustainability research centre with five key strategic areas of focus:

- Research: Fostering and sharing high quality, cross-disciplinary academic research on sustainability and the role of business

- Teaching/Curriculum: Leading on curriculum renewal to integrate sustainability concepts into the traditional business curriculum, including executive development

- Student Engagement: Raising student awareness and extracurricular engagement in sustainability issues at the Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral levels

- Civil Society Engagement: Working with civil society organizations to further their capacity for effective advocacy on sustainability issues

- Business Engagement: Fostering dialogue with and among business leaders, to explore jointly effective approaches to meeting social, economic and environmental value creation challenges

Business School Housing? Yes
Number of Faculty: 5
Contact Name: Steve Farlow
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Students in Free Enterprise is an international non – profit organization that connects business leaders with higher education.

Participating students form their own University campuses to make a difference in communities while developing fundamental ski