Academic Department

Instructor: Richard Grogan

This course approaches marketing sustainability not as selling the sustainability of a company or product, but marketing authentically; that is, speaking openly about both positives and negatives of a company and its products and services, and admitting that you are on the journey to sustainability as well.

To accomplish this, the course first addresses the place of marketing within a broader communication strategy, and its alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and products & services. There is as much science as there is art to marketing, and so a portion of the course is dedicated to the in-depth study of the principles of marketing. The course then builds on that understanding through the exploration of cases, case studies, and a course-long consulting project designed to allow students to create a marketing plan in teams. The plan is presented to the clients at the end of the course.

Specific topics will include strategic alignment of marketing within an organization, building a marketing plan, marketing research, messaging, “the four Ps” (Price, Product, Place, Promotion), and evaluation.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design and write their own marketing plan, and understand marketing’s integral role in business operations.