Academic Department

Production and Operations
Instructor: William Griffith

This course begins with prereading covering Supply Chain Management basics, as well as a case study, to jump start class discussion. Students then move on to some more technical aspects of the technology supporting supply chain efficiencies, as well as how to construct scorecards for supply chain partners focusing on technical, social, and environmental practices. The students also participate in an online supply chain simulation and analyze the resulting statistics and metrics. There is also a field trip where students visit an organization and have a tour, presentation, and questions and answers with the CEO. In addition, a guest speaker, who is the Supply Chain VP for a major wholesale grocer, visits the class. We also focus on value chain and shareholder values, as well as virtue ethics in supply chain collaboration. Students read, analyze, and do a group presentation on selected cases with an emphasis on sustainability and partnerships. Student are also required to choose an organization, analyze its supply chain characteristics with respect to efficiencies and sustainability issues, present their findings orally, and in a final paper. For the Green IT Operations portion of the course the focus is on energy production, consumption and the environment with emphasis on smart electrical grids, smart data centers, and energy efficient use of Information Technology in general and, more specifically, in support of green supply chain management.