Academic Department

Course Name: Ecological Economics
Instructor: Jeffrey Rosen, Michael Whigham

The exploration of ecological economics involves learning an array of applied methodologies for analyzing the impacts of business practices, projects and policies on a sustainable development strategy. We start from a shared belief that sustainable development models are preferable to conventional economic development models. Starting from this ethical common ground, the course focuses on providing the students with tools for measuring progress towards an equitable, sustainable future.

The course begins by focusing on traditional economics, framed by a utilitarian worldview. The course highlights the role that values play in organizing economic institutions. This course will peel back the ‘values veneer’ for both utilitarian and sustainability oriented enterprise.

The course examines the social capital marketplace within the framework of the smaller scale social purpose entrepreneur. By approaching the social entrepreneur through the investor portal, students will gain exposure to the carrying costs of triple bottom line.

We will review microeconomic theory, recalling the market equilibrium model and exploring its fit to broad sustainability analysis. Within the economics discipline, the course will survey the range of contemporary practices for incorporating impacts defy economic categorizations.

The course bridges the ecological economics/social entrepreneurship field with a shared focus on the measurement of social returns.