Academic Department

International Management
Instructor: Sur, Sujit Dr.

Global corporations increasingly seek competitive advantage by tailoring their multinational operations to the legitimate economic, political and social aspirations of diverse national governments. This implies an in-depth understanding and nuanced balancing of the conflicting demands of the extended stakeholders across borders through intensive organization wide co-ordination and shared decision making. As the leading global corporations accept ethical, social and environmental management as the next source of competitive advantage, being well versed in the emerging domain of value based management is the managerial skill set in demand. This course critically examines the generic and functional strategies open to multinational enterprises and based on the learning from academic and practitioner journal articles, seeks to test the applicability of these concepts in a simulation as well as current industry and business case studies. There is a special emphasis on the base of the pyramid approach, social innovation, and sustainable development as these are increasing considered to be not only fundamental corporate responsibilities, but also as the next frontier in international business development.