Academic Department

Instructor: Dr. Charles Stanley

This course covers technical accounting concepts that students must master in order to plan an operation effectively and to deal with a variety of accounting topics they will encounter in a changing environment. These topics include traditional cost allocation procedures, cost behavior and estimation, contribution margin income statements, budgets, cash flows, accounts receivable, inventories, plant and equipments, current and long-term liabilities and bonds, financing with debt and stock, off-balance sheet financing, basic tax issues, financial statement analysis, and ethical decision-making. We discuss ethical issues related to the managerial accounting topics and the role of management in establishing an ethical culture in the accounting area. We also use current events, cases, and speakers to provide discussions of corporate social responsibility as well as ethical and environmental issues. In addition, we discuss how ethics affects day-to-day operations and how corporate social responsibility and the environment affect operations. We emphasize the ethical issues associated with off-balance sheet financing and corporate social responsibility issues and environmental issues with financing. The students are presented a decision-making model for ethical dilemmas.