Academic Department

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Mckinney

This course looks at a variety of issues related to the global economy. The course is not highly technical in nature, but also has a definite policy emphasis. The goal of the course is that students gain a good understanding of how the global economy functions, information concerning the major current issues related to the global economy, and the implications of these issues for business firms operating in the global economy. The course will consider how international trade policies and practices affect the distribution of income and wealth within individual countries as well as among countries and regions of the world. Consideration will be given to the interplay of trade policy with other policy areas such as energy policy and environmental policy. For example, the recent proposal for a carbon border tax will be discussed and evaluated. Trade and human rights will also be discussed with regard to issues such as child labor and the implications of globalization for human trafficking. Ethical issues arising from the protection of intellectual property rights will be discussed. Consideration will be given to the institutional framework that has been put in place to address these issues, and how that framework might be improved.