Academic Department

Course Name: Marketing Management
Instructor: Andrea Morales

Lectures and case discussions on social, ethical, and environmental issues throughout course.

Instructor: James Ward

In this course we address ethical issues in research, database development, and the ethical issues associated with gathering data about consumer's online browsing behavior. These issues are noted in particular in week six of the syllabus.

Instructor: Mary Jo Bitner

This entire course is built around basic ideas of the service profit chain which emphasizes the inter-relationsips between internal service quality --> employee satisfaction/productivity --> customer value/quality -->customer satisfaction/loyalty -->firm profitability. The course emphasizes the importance of balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders (customers, employees, owners/shareholders) in an ethical manner as a means of achieving business success. The course is focused on how to design quality service, hire and retain outstanding service employees, and deliver consistent quality service. Values-based leadership is a foundation for achieving these types of goals and is featured by several of the cases (e.g., Jyske Bank; JetBlue) and guest speakers (e.g., Steve Church, Chris Zane) that are incorporated in the course.

Course Name: Strategic Projects
Instructor: Stephen Brown

The extent to which this class addresses social, ethical, and environmental issues is driven for the most part by the projects conducted as part of the class. It is not unusual for one or more projects in the class to have aspects of these issues. For example, las spring we conducted a project for Republic Services, the second largest company in the wast management sector. The project had some major environmental issues associatedwith it.