Academic Department

Production and Operations
Instructor: Eugene Schneller

In this class we discuss the extent to which health care organizations are among the major contributors to waste within their communities and the strategies employed, across the supply chain, to build sustainable environments through innovation in procurement. Primary examples include pointing out organizations that are committed to "buying green" -- and having someone from Catholic Healthcare West visit class to discuss this as part of their corporate strategy as well as discussing the trend to reprocessing "single use items" through compliance with the FDA rules. Also look at how innovations can reduce waste - such as "wipes" that can be used on patients as well as surfaces.

Instructor: Joseph Carter

Relevant topics: environmental supply chains class session - HBS: McDonald's; and group topic presentation on environemtnal sustainability.

Instructor: Reynold Byers

The best descriptor of sustainabiilty is "dynamic". Expectations, standards, regulation, innovation and awareness are all rapidly changing form day to day. This course creates a great deal of both uncertainty and opportunity: uncertainty about what is expected by regulators, consumers, and watchdog groups. Opportunity to innovate and develop or use new technologies, leverage new markets, and alter business processes for the better. Focus of class is on profitably increasing a firm's sustainability and corporate responsibility.