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Beyond Grey Pinstripes is much more than a ranking. Every two years, the Aspen Institute spends many months partnering with schools to create the most extensive database out there of MBA coursework information - including syllabi - and abstracts from MBA faculty research published around the world.


Looking for syllabi used by peers in specific departments?  From finance to ethics to organizational behavior, we’ve got it all. Use the toolbar at left to view syllabi by department.


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How can I learn more about specific topic areas across schools?

There are many ways to look more closely at the Beyond Grey Pinstripes data:

  • Scroll through the topic icons on our homepage to conduct a search within a specific topic area.
  • Search by topic area on our Search page for data on coursework, activities, institutes and centers, faculty research, joint degree opportunities and more.
Is your school interested in participating in Beyond Grey Pinstripes for the first time? For more information, contact AspenBizEd@aspeninstitute.org.

How can I create dialogue on campus around long-term thinking in business education? Use Aspen's Discussion Questions to start a dialogue with students and faculty on campus.

Beyond Grey Pinstripes is an initiative of the Aspen Institute's Center for Business Education. Check out our other business education initiatives:


A library of teaching resources designed for business school faculty that is intended to help faculty incorporate environmental, social and ethical topics into their teaching on business and management.

Faculty Pioneer Awards

Named “the Oscars of the business school world” by the Financial Times, these awards celebrate educators who have demonstrated leadership and risk-taking in integrating social and environmental issues into academic research, educational programs and business practice. Learn more about the program and previous winners at the awards website.

Faculty Networks

The Aspen Institute’s Faculty Networks are consortia of business faculty and leading scholars with deep expertise on specific topic areas, with the final goal of producing case studies, fostering new pedagogy and producing cutting edge research. To learn more about the Aspen Institute’s business faculty networks, visit the Center for Business Education website.