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Yale Conference on Development Finance and Sustainable Energy (2010)





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Growing out of the School’s 30 year tradition of exploring the complex relationships among the public, private and non-profit sectors, Yale SOM’s Program on Social Enterprise has been exploring the intersections between development finance and sustainable energy, both within the US and in developing countries. In particular, to examine whether the intentional linking of development finance with sustainable energy services can create collaborations that are more effective and efficient than separately pursued efforts in each field.

The aim for the conference was to bring together leading practitioners and researchers exploring the array of interfaces between development finance and sustainable energy. Speakers and panels explored emerging trends at the service delivery, intermediary, and policy levels. A report, “Making the Connection: Partnerships in Development Finance and Sustainable Energy,” can be downloaded.

Presenters included: Dipal Barua (Bright Green Energy Foundation, formerly with Grameen Shakti), John Berdes (ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia), Roger Clark (The Reinvestment Fund), James Dailey (MicroEnergy Credits), Joel Freehling (ShoreBank Corporation), Harish Hande (SELCO Solar Lighting), Richard Hansen (Soluz, Inc.), Noara Kebir (MicroEnergy International), Philip LaRocco (E & Co.), Ellen Morris (Arc Finance), Silverio T. Navarro, Jr. (Asian Development Bank ), Binu Parthan (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership – REEEP), Paul Rippey (Center for Financial Inclusion, Energy Links Project), Joel Rogers (University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Center for State Innovation), Katherine Steel (World Bank, Africa Energy Unit), Corey Stone (Verdigris Ventures), Robert Stoner (MIT Energy Initiative), Mark Thurber (Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University), Richenda Van Leeuwen (formerly with Good Energies Foundation), and Jayshree Vyas (SEWA Bank).