Beyond Grey Pinstripes




Workshop on Finance and Sustainability (2011)






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Business leaders need sophisticated tools for decision-making that account for complexity and uncertainty in an increasingly volatile and interconnected world. Whether thinking strategically in highly regulated sectors like energy or planning for the long-term in resource-reliant sectors like consumer products, the concept of "sustainability" has provided a lens to deal with the strategic, marketing, and policy aspects of sustainable business.

This workshop will go a step further and explore the financial aspects unique to sustainability issues confronted by businesses.

Workshop description

This workshop is based on the assumption that the frameworks provided by economics and finance can, with appropriate modifications, help us understand and deal with the unique issues faced by a sustainable business.

The workshop will

- Focus primarily on environmental issues as they relate to financial decision-making

- Modify existing economic and financial frameworks in an attempt to evaluate the effects of new and emerging regulatory and strategic environmental issues on the value of projects and firms

- Evaluate not only the private benefit, but also the social value, created or destroyed by a project and therefore the firm