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TED Women: Reshaping the Future (2010)





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Speaker Series

We streamed this two-day event live:

"Over the past several years, a flood of fascinating data from the worlds of education, microfinance and more has shown an essential link between investing in women and girls and economic growth, public health, political stability. A new lens reveals women as powerful change agents in developing nations; meanwhile, in the West, generations of educated women are forging new directions in the sciences, arts, business and beyond.

To track this emerging story, the first-ever TEDWomen will invite both women and men to explore in depth: Who are the women leading change? What ideas are they championing? How are women reshaping the future?

The cross-disciplinary, cross-generational program will focus on how women think and work, communicate and collaborate, learn and lead -- what this means and why it matters to all of us. Speakers from around the globe -- both men and women, from anthropologists to artists, scientists to soldiers, farmers to futurists -- will share their ideas in the classic TED format, creating a program that surprises and inspires." (