Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Teams in Diverse Workplaces (2011)


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The ability to work collaboratively in groups and teams is essential to developing

sustainable solutions to complex issues, effectively implementing those solutions,

and creating productive and humane organizations. High performing teams draw on the expertise and creativity of all members to produce results. This requires the ability to work skillfully with human diversity within organizational and global contexts. It also requires the ongoing enhancement of awareness of one’s internal reactions and behavioral patterns and the ability to develop behavioral responses that align with one’s goals and values.

Developing high performing teams requires knowledge and skill. This course provides a framework for understanding group dynamics and stages of group development and how to match leadership style to group needs. It also provides specific skills in managing meetings, facilitating collaborative decision-making, and giving and receiving feedback.

A framework for working effectively with social diversity is presented as integral to working collaboratively and creating high performing teams.


Donna Mellen


Diversity Culture Ethnicity