Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Resources, Stakeholders, and Competitive Advantage (2011)


Topic Areas

CSR/Business Ethics

The resource-based-view of the firm and stakeholder theory are used to identify the sources of sustainable competitive advantage. We examine how direct and indirect stakeholder effects influence the resources available to an organization and how these resources create competitive advantage. Ultimately students should be able determine the relative importance of stakeholders to the organization's strategy and allocate organizational assets among stakeholders to enhance long-term performance. Specifically, students should be able to:

1. Describe an organization’s strategy and competitive advantage.

2. Explain the interrelationship between the organization’s resources (competencies) and its strategy (business model).

3. Identify the role stakeholders play in providing the resources needed by the organization.

4. Create a plan for how to engage stakeholders and assess stakeholder relationships

A more detailed breakdown of the learning goals, associated readings, relevant theory, and assessment of learning goals is presented in the syllabus.


Joe Cote