Negotiation Skills


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Negotiation Skills (2011)


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Organizational Behavior

Most of us negotiate every day, though we often do not realize it. We negotiate contracts, leases, and purchases, as-well-as over less obvious issues. We need analytical skills to discover superior solutions to problems and we need negotiation skills to get others to accept and implement these solutions. Unfortunately, too many of us negotiate poorly. We often compromise or give in when creative problem solving could lead to a deal that would be better for everyone involved. The goal of this course is for you to become a better negotiator, across many contexts and with a variety of stakeholders. That is, you will develop the negotiation skills that produce more creative, satisfying agreements and avoid the worst kind of compromises, no matter with whom you negotiate. In particular, students will learn negotiation techniques to:

1. Prepare conflict strategies

2. Manage trust dilemmas

3. Collect and reveal information tactically

4. Set and reach goals

5. Discover stakeholder interests

6. Manage ethical dilemmas; listen effectively and communicate diplomatically

7. Manage asymmetrical stakeholder relationships

8. Manage multiple parties, incl. public interest groups

9. Adjust style across cultures

Role playing and negotiation exercises are used extensively, so students learn by doing.


Thomas Tripp