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Marketing Management (2011)


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This course covers the theory and basic issues of marketing analysis and planning from a new market entry perspective (but is application to any type of marketing strategy). At the end of this course you should be able to develop and justify an action-oriented marketing strategy. A market entry model is used to provide systematic guidelines for developing a marketing strategy. However, no single framework applies to all situations and you should be able to modify the model as the situation demands. Last, you should be able to explain how a recommended marketing strategy will affect the organization’s key stakeholders.

The specific learning goals are:

1. Identify, evaluate, and quantify customer needs in order to determine if a market opportunity exists.

2. Estimate potential benefits to the organization of pursuing a market opportunity.

3. Evaluate the long-term sustainability of a market opportunity.

4. Identify the key success factors, necessary resources (and the stakeholder that provide them) and alternative approaches for pursuing a market opportunity.

5. Recommend a marketing strategy and next-step actions for pursuing an opportunity.

6. Evaluate the indirect and direct effects of recommended actions on stakeholders


Joe Cote