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Leadership Strategies for Music Presenters (2011)


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This course will explore the conceptual, entrepreneurial, financial, and managerial elements of presenting classical and popular music. Symphony, Opera, Music Theater, and large scale (stadium) popular concerts will receive primary focus. Guest lecturers will include Presidents/CEOs of major symphonies and opera companies, Broadway producers and entrepreneurs, and the former President of CBS Productions. The class sessions will be supplemented by case studies, and each student will develop a comprehensive business plan for a project. Examples of social, environmental, and ethical content are community engagement and education programs for social content, impact of “stadium” concerts on natural environment or noise (sound) pollution in a plethora of settings. Finally, ethical content is discussed in contractual relationships, pirating of music, etc. This cross-listed course is a School of Music course. It is held at the School of Music and follows their academic calendar. The Yale School of Music educates and inspires students with exceptional artistic and academic talent for service to the profession and to society. To prepare students for roles as cultural leaders, the School engages fully with the University’s extraordinary intellectual and technological resources while collaborating with artistic centers throughout the world.


Blocker, Robert


Social Entrepreneurship