Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Leadership and Productivity (2011)


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The objective of this course is to help you become a more effective manager. In order to achieve this objective, you need to secure the cooperation of stakeholders to achieve organizational goals with specific emphasis on four stakeholders: the employees below you, the peers beside you, the bosses above you, and the actors outside of your organization. This includes applying theories and techniques of team building, group dynamics, motivation, intra-organizational power and politics, goal setting, conflict management, persuasion, and workplace fairness to achieve the following learning goals:

1. Motivate your subordinates

2. Manage tensions between employees and other stakeholders

3. Work within and lead teams of colleagues

4. Manage your superiors and other powerful people in order to implement strategies and protect your subordinates and other stakeholders

5. Better diagnose workplace problems, invent solutions, and get the solutions implemented

6. Create decision-making procedures that stakeholders will perceive as fair

7. Explain why various stakeholders win (lose) conflicts with other stakeholders, based on stakeholder interdependence


Thomas Tripp