Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Judgment & Negotiation (2011)


Topic Areas

Organizational Behavior

The purpose of this course is to make students into better negotiators. The emphasis is on the features of human psychology and judgment that can, and do, stand in the way of reaching mutually beneficial deals. We will study and practice negotiation in a variety of different contexts. Students will be challenged to get over barriers to asking for what they want, and will learn to leverage their strengths and build up skills that are less accessible. This course aims to help students: 1) develop a systematic and insightful approach to negotiation, 2) understand the psychological processes underlying both their own and other negotiators’ judgments and behaviors, and use this understanding to improve their performance, and 3) practice, practice, practice. Ethics play a significant role in practice negotiations and course discussions, particularly as negotiations become more complex. Readings include "Ethics in Negotiation," "Bargaining with the Devil," and "Fairness, Emotion, and Rationality."


Dawson, Erica