Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Interpersonal Dynamics (2011)


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Organizational Behavior

Studies have shown that the average manager spends about two-thirds of his or her time interacting with others. It should be no surprise that skill in interpersonal relationships is one of the most frequent determinants of managerial success or failure. This course is designed to help students learn some of the skills necessary to build more open and effective working relationships. Equally important in this course is the focus on ethics as it pertains to our relationships with others. For example, students are asked to consider whether or not it is ethical to tell a "white lie" when a boss asks them what they think of him or her. In other words, is it okay to lie to preserve someone's feelings and maintain a healthy working relationship, and what are the short vs long-term effects of both choices? Readings include: “If you Want Some Honesty, Break Some Rules,” “What Makes a Leader,” and “Influence without Authority.”


Brooks, Heidi