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International Marketing (2011)


Topic Areas


The International Marketing module will apply many of the concepts studied in the Marketing Management module, with emphasis on the international global context and environment of marketing. Increasing recognition by many international businesses of the world as a potential market has led to the widespread study of international marketing and global marketing strategies, with particular emphasis on –

Creating sustainable competitive advantage in a global context

Implementing strategies to take into account both the convergence and divergence of consumer preferences

Creating global products and brands that have near universal application and appeal, wherever possible

The importance of ethical and social issues in the global marketplace

The aims of this module are to enable students to

Understand the major challenges of international marketing environments

Understand the adaptation which may be required to the international marketing mix for the global context

Apply the marketing concepts to the international environment and

Learn how to implement international marketing operations for maximum effectiveness.

Identify and appreciate the importance of ethical and social issues in the global marketplace and how these impact on international marketing.


Paul Gaffney, John Sadowsky, Alison Pearce,