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International Management (2011)


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The International Management course encourages and challenges students to look at international markets as a domain for business growth and opportunity. The course is divided into two parts, each related to one of the following two general themes: (1) contexts supporting international management and (2) various dimensions of strategy that international firms must consider. The first topic covered in the course is focused on the business responsibility of international firms, which addresses social, environmental, and ethical challenges very directly and highlights the importance of such issues for classroom discussions throughout the semester. These matters are then woven into the course at several points (often through informal discussion), but they are touched on with great emphasis when the following topics are introduced in class (one full day per topic): legal systems, the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, differences in culture, the political economy of international trade, and global human resource management. Issues such as AIDS, corruption, environmental degradation, human trafficking, and poverty are also discussed at considerable length through student-led presentations on “International Topics” impacting six major regions of the world, which are scheduled over three full days of class during the semester.


Dr. Les Palich


Environmental Management
Global Impact
Social Impact Management
Public Policy
Business Law
Poverty Alleviation