Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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International Business (2011)


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International Management

Social issues relating to culture, management across cultures and cultural sensitivity, are explored explicitly. Those relating to global development and the sale of products and services to the poor are addressed within social and ethical contexts. Specifically, students are exposed to cases, films, & lecture material wherein the production/sale of services and products to vulnerable populations (poor, Third World, uneducated) is discussed at length. In addition the protection of intellectual property as an impediment to the sale of products to underserved populations is also discussed. Environmental issues are explored in terms of the creation of sustainable and/or green products, or as operations are modified so as to account for pollution and related problems, as with the Whole Foods Market Case and/or via films such as The Corporation.


Lt Suzanne J. Wood, Ph.D.


Environmental Management
Social Impact Management
Poverty Alleviation