Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Intercultural Management (2011)


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International Management

This 15-hour seminar is designed to provide the basics in cross-cultural communication & management and empower students to handle a broad array of cultural differences in increasingly complex work environments. The intensive globalization of international business and trade has created a highly interrelated and interdependent world in which people from various nations and cultures must work together, often in remote teams in different time zones and geographic regions. Individuals, team members and managers working in such an environment must be knowledgeable about other cultures and cultural differences, and must maintain up to date information on relevant international politics and issues of diplomacy.

This seminar covers some of the field’s theoretical findings and practical applications in intercultural management and enables the participants to apply this knowledge in a multicultural and multinational business environment. Active and assertive participation in the class is a critical element of the learning process.


Michelle Mielly


Social Impact Management