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Halifax Dump and Run (2010)





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OtherStudent Run Event

The Halifax Dump and Run is a worthwhile environmental and social justice initiative organized annually by Dalhousie University graduate students in partnership with Saint Mary's University, and other community groups on the Halifax peninsula. Dump and Run is an annual event now in its tenth year and is currently under the responsibilities of the Dalhousie Net Impact Chapter and Saint Mary's University Environmental Society (SMUES).

Both the Dalhousie Net Impact Chapter and SMUES has taken a keen interest in fostering the idea of environmental responsibility, with the Dump and Run as our featured event. This event is an oversized community garage sale held at the end of April or the start of May. The main purpose of this event is to divert waste from the local landfills and neighbouring streets. As a recycling and waste diversion project, it is an enormous success. In 2009 nearly 8 metric tons of goods, furniture, clothing, books, and other items were sold at the Dump and Run in lieu of being sent to landfill.

Apart from its environmental value, the Dump and Run also makes a valuable contribution to the community through the distribution of funds and non-perishable food items to local marginalized groups. In 2009 the Dump and Run, held in the Studley Gym at Dalhousie University, raised almost $11,000. All proceeds from the event go to local non-profit and charitable groups.