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The Ever Declining Role of Gender Equality in the European Employment Strategy

This paper analyses the changing position of gender in the European Employment Strategy (EES) since its 2005 relaunch. Overall we find a picture of mixed progress towards gender equality goals across Member States. There is some evidence of the EU soft-law approach leading to positive developments since the use of targets in conjunction with Country-Specific Recommendations and Points-to-Watch have had some influence in promoting gender equality policies among Member States. However, the weakened position of gender mainstreaming in European level initiatives has led to gender being marginalised or ignored in national and EU policy responses to the crisis. The prominence of gender has declined further in the 2010 revision of the EES under the 2020 banner. This introduces new risks as the emphasis on gender equality falls further down the list of priorities in the streamlining of the Lisbon process


Smith Mark

Journal Title: 

Industrial Relations Journal




Vol : 41(6)

Page Numbers: 

pp. 526-543