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Creative Management (2011)


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By participating in our training programme you will acquire the conceptual skills to deal with problems through a different approach, will increase your own individual potential as well the ability to identify and embrace new opportunities; will develop a positive approach to change thinking creatively. cultivating independent thinking, improving learning ability with age, finding opportunity in uncertainty, managing intercultural complexity, improving memory and problem solving, balancing mind and body to reduce stress, nurturing creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Results for participants:

You will be conscious that there could be a new and effective mindset useful to approach things, get ideas and solve problem;

You will test this different mindset and then you will try to adopt new effective solutions and little changes in the organization where you work for;

You will be conscious that change is possible, and new things and innovation can be implemented.

You fill feel new positive energies

You will be the new designer for the new solutions; You will find new and effective ways to improve the changes.

You will learn how to play a positive role on an intercultural scenario, being able to take new and original opportunities.


Francesco D’Aprile


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