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Corporate Governance (2011)


Topic Areas

Business and Government

The aim of this course is to gain an in-depth understanding of corporate governance and how it influences a firm's strategy and performance. The course covers the theory and mechanisms of corporate governance and comparative systems of governance and how they relate to contemporary trends. We focus on problems in listed firms, how they can be mitigated by regulation, ownership, boards, incentives, and other mechanisms, and how alternative governance models handle their problems. The course will enable students to undertake a corporate governance review of an individual company including an assessment of how ownership, board structure, managerial incentives and system characteristics influence company strategy and performance. We use a combination of readings, conventional cases, and real-time cases and the variety of governance issues and solutions around the globe. The course is appropriate for those who desire to run their own companies, those who are interested in investment portfolio management, and those who aspire to be senior corporate managers.


Gerald Sanders, Ph.D.