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Corporate Governance (2011)


Topic Areas

CSR/Business Ethics

The course is designed to introduce students to corporate governance for publicly and privately-held companies. We will discuss roles and responsibilities of the different constituencies involved in governing a company.

We will discuss how the board of directors, management, shareholders and external auditor should interrelate, how individual goals and external pressures influence individuals, and how their decisions impact a corporation’s success or failure.

Students will be introduced to the framework for corporate governance and ethics in the US and compare it to current practices in other countries. We will gain an understanding of recent OECD guidelines and discuss in detail SEC, NASDAQ and NYSE regulations related to corporate governance.

We will review recent corporate governance failures and learn about best practices. We will not just focus on US events but include numerous international failures as well. In the final class, we will simulate the roles of the Board, management and auditors in a real world case.


Erich Schumann


Business Law