Choices in a Career


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Choices in a Career (2011)


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Most MBAs face a range of complex choices during the decade after they graduate. For example, at what point do you take a stand counter to your supervisor? At what point do you terminate an employee you like but who is unlikely to fit into your organization’s "up or out" philosophy? What kind of sacrifices to make to advance your career? People often make choices like these without much preparation or forethought. This course will give students the opportunity to “practice” this thinking. The course uses disguised case studies of real situations to illustrate different kinds of choices. The cases present the ambiguity that usually accompanies the toughest choices when reasonable arguments are possible on different sides of the question. These choices are often ethical. Examples include the case of a teacher who feels the school administration may not be acting in the students' best interest; a decision whether to fire someone for actions that present borderline ethical questions; and a consultant considering whether to accept a client assignment whose industry poses an issue to him personally. In the last couple of weeks, each student will write a case based on a situation with which he/she is familiar and then assess a classmate’s case.


Barnett, William