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Center for Social and Environmental Justice

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College of Liberal Arts

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Desiree Hellegers

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The Center for Social and Environmental Justice (CSEJ) catalyzes collaborations between WSU faculty, students and community partners to foster rigorous analysis of social, economic, racial and environmental justice issues and to promote human rights and conflict resolution at the local, national and global levels through:

- Interdisciplinary community based research

- Interdisciplinary curricular innovations

- Conferences, workshops, and public events

- Media projects (video documentaries, websites, radio and T.V. programming, etc.)

CSEJ leads WSU in addressing social and environmental justice issues. Within WSU Vancouver, CSEJ works with faculty, departments, student organizations, student service organizations, and other groups who have an interest in fulfilling the CSEJ mission statement. CSEJ crosses college, department, and campus boundaries to more effectively promote social and environmental justice action. CSEJ’s work includes:

- Forging partnerships with community groups to address regional, social, and environmental justice issues

- Providing grant-writing and development support to CSEJ project teams and community groups

- Sponsoring speakers and fostering public conversations addressing social and environmental justice issues