Beyond Grey Pinstripes


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Authentic Leadership for the 21st Century (2011)


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The course serves a capstone function as it seeks to integrate previous course material and experiences so that students can create their own working philosophy of responsible management and prepare themselves for success as an ethical manager and a responsible and authentic leader in today’s demanding organizations. In particular, the course seeks to integrate parallel student course work in Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy, and Professional Development. The course begins with students processing a key leadership challenge they experienced during their corporate residency. They craft a short analytical scenario from this challenge for presentation both to the class and to one of authors (via video technology) of the course text. From this initial processing experience, students study foundational, contemporary, and cutting-edge leadership theory in the context of the challenge to be authentic and responsible people in today’s organizations. This study includes interaction with professors at other universities and local industry leaders as well as the focused study of leaders seen as models of responsibility and authenticity. The course concludes with the students researching, developing, and presenting a biography of a local leader. This biography enables the students to apply their knowledge and experience to the focused study of a specific leader as well as to construct an enduring and useful example of responsible leadership that the school will catalogue as part of an on-going archive. The course culminates with students presenting their own philosophy of management (a process began in their initial course courses) and discussing how this philosophy will guide and shape their future leadership practice.


Barker, James Dr.