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Beyond Grey Pinstripes is a research survey and alternative ranking of business schools that spotlights innovative full-time MBA programs leading the way in the integration of issues concerning social and environmental stewardship into the curriculum. These schools are preparing students for the reality of tomorrow's markets by equipping them with the social, environmental, ethical and economic perspectives required for business success in a competitive and fast changing world.


This ranking is the result of over 18 months of rigorous research – designing the survey, outreach to MBA programs around the world, data collection and analysis – looking at how well MBA programs incorporate social, environmental and ethical issues into the training of future business executives. Approximately 12,000 courses and faculty research abstracts and 4,000 examples of institutional support (e.g. extracurriculars, joint degree opportunities) were collected from 149 participating schools.


  1. Promote and celebrate innovation in business education. The School Rankings call attention to institutions that do this work well.
  2. Inform prospective students about environmental and social impact management programs.
  3. Raise the bar by challenging business schools to incorporate social and environmental impact management topics into their curricula.
  4. Inform corporate recruiters of business schools that are providing training in social and environmental skills as part of business decision making.
  5. Disseminate best practices in teaching, research, and extracurricular activities. The Search function provides access to detailed information-often including syllabi-on thousands of courses, scholarly journal articles, and more.
  6. Facilitate conversation – Real change only comes after students, faculty, administrators and business leaders begin to discuss these issues.


In 1998 the World Resources Institute (WRI) created Grey Pinstripes with Green Ties, a report that examined the inclusion of environmental management topics in 37 MBA programs. In 1999, WRI partnered with the Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program (Aspen BSP) to balance the report by examining MBA programs for the teaching of social impact management. This led to the creation of Beyond Grey Pinstripes. In 2007, Aspen BSP took over sole management of the survey. Over time, Beyond Grey Pinstripes has grown in influence, and has been used by tens of thousands of students, academics, and major corporations. Additionally, the program has been featured in most major media outlets. The current website contains detailed information on 150+ global MBA programs.

The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education (Aspen CBE) equips business leaders for the 21st century with the vision and knowledge to integrate corporate profitability and social value. We help business educators incorporate issues of social and environmental stewardship into teaching and research by offering targeted resources, networks and a platform to share cutting edge practice among peers. As part of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, Aspen CBE maintains close ties with over 150 MBA programs in 28 countries. Our websites draw over 100,000 visits monthly and our events and networks attract over 1,000 participants each year.


Please email us at AspenBizEd@aspeninstitute.org with any questions or comments.